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We at Healthcare Systems host the state of the art, cloud-based ERM/CMR routing platform FlipScrips. Our proprietary customized software protocol helps call centers, pharmacies, laboratories, durable medical equipment providers, and others in the healthcare space expand their growth via telemedicine and 3rd party marketers, as well as billing software which is capable of configuring with almost all current billing platforms. Developed from tens of thousands of patient experiences, the FlipScrips platform is far superior than any single CRM/EMR or telephone system because it is ALL INCLUSIVE. Using this platform, we helped a wide range of businesses grow from 10 to 300+ employees while providing them the necessary infrastructure to expand into multimillion dollar operations. We also specialize in Database Administration, SQL, Dot Net Technologies, Web Design, Application Integrations, and Large Volume Dialers. Using ViciDial as the base platform, we customize and optimize ViciDial to allow up to 1000 agents, offer 24/7 support with a ViciDial expert, as well as access to our development team to help ensure projects/campaigns are completed quick as possible.


The FlipScrips cloud-based CRM, EMR and automated protocol integration with medical providers establishes real-time data from all parties in the service chain. Whether you are an Advertiser, Doctor, or Medical Provider, the reporting tools provide transparency of the entire patient fulfillment process as to better determine end-to-end deficiencies. Our FlipScrips system further offers superior data mapping and security credentials. Administrators from each group determine levels of access and classifies necessary information on a per-task/need-to-know basis. By maintaining strict HIPAA standards, the system presents sufficient relevant data for non-medical related users to access the system for ancillary functions.

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